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Why is it the best idea to book your kitesurf holiday with us?
We have highly trained instructors who will teach you everything you need to know, from theory and safety to how to kite on your own.

Of course your holiday is not just about 10 days kitesurfing.
Here is a lot to do and much more to see.
We will go to 3 different Tours:
Blue Safari
Dolphin Tour
Stone Town Tour
(you can check below the detail for the tours)

Your relaxing time will not be neglected either, enjoy the beautiful beach of Zanzibar in your free time, explore the island on your own (you can also rent a scooter or a car).

During this time you will stay in a beautiful, comfortable bungalows.
We have a small private complex in Paje, about 3 minutes walk from the beach.
The bungalows are equipped with a small kitchen, an inside and outside sitting area, a bathroom with toilet and hot shower and a double bed with mosquito net and fan.
There is also an outdoor fireplace where you can relax in the evening with a glass of wine or a cold beer.
Smaller local shops and a supermarket are all in the area. Everything is within walking distance!

New Jambo Bungalows is a beautiful place, situated only 25 meters to the Paje beach. We have big Bungalows from 1-4 persons with your own Bathroom and toilet inside, as well as we have Dorms. The property includes a Bar and Restaurant with delicious food and drinks. We Also have a new huge swimming pool.



Duration for full course
3 wind days with 2-3 hours per session/class, so 4 sessions/classes which will be 12 hours in total (be careful, few schools often offer you to do it in 8 or 10h at the expense of important topics such as ‘safety’ or ‘self-rescue’).

All equipment and materials are included in kitesurfing beginners’ course, you can use your equipment at the 3rd class if you would like to get used with your own equipment.

Group size
Private instructions (1:1) or small 2 students’ group (1:2), First session theory only (1:4). Please note: Larger student group sizes, as some other schools do it, do not lead to any good results.


We teach on low tide, where you can stand in waist or knee-deep water, which is advantage at this stage of your learning.

The goal of the course beginner lessons.
Know the basic theory. Able to launch and land the kite. Perform a self-rescue. Body drag, downwind and upwind. Able to water-start and ride for a few meters, into both directions.



For independent riders who know already how-to kitesurf we have something special for you to join and to enjoy this offer, we will organize two kitesurfing trips, from one village to another,

Jambiani trip.

First trip will be from our village of Paje East coast to Jambiani which is about 10km, we will kite from small waves to the big waves if your comfortable with it, at this village we will have lunch at the beach restaurant while the car is ready and waiting for us to drive back.

The Rock trip.

“The Rock and Upendo” we will drive from Paje to the famous floating restaurant called The rock, after visit and have a soft drink we will start setting up our equipment’s ready to do a downwind kite session back to our village, this trip would be a little more interesting with sunset view as we will pass through the blue lagoon and jetty hotels to our destination.

All equipment and materials can be included, or you can use your equipment



Zanzibar Island is located on the east coast of Africa in Tanzania. To have a holiday
in our beautiful white sand and warm island is always the best idea
It is about 90km long and 50km wide, and you can’t get tired of how beautiful it is. Apart from kitesurfing, there is a lot of beautiful things to see as well as to do. Few top activities/tours which you can do are Relax on the beach and swim in crystal clear water, Visit Stone town with spice tour, Swim with the Dolphins, Jozani forest, Safari blue, Mangrove sunset SUP trip, Kite trip to the Rock Restaurant, and lot more according to your interests.


Blue Safari:
The trip starts after breakfast. We drive with the car to Fumba Island and from there we keep going with the boat. This trip brings you close to the most fascinating and natural remarkable of tropical Indian ocean bay with great deal to discover! The first stop is snorkeling at Kwale coral reef, offering an overwhelming abundance of corals and colorful fish. Afterwards you can relax on a paradise – like sandbank. Next stop will be at Kwale Island where a beach barbecue seafood buffet is served. Additional activities on the Island include short jungle walk to see and climb a 500 years old Baobab tree, Swim in a Mangrove Lagoon before sailing back to Fumba Village.

Dolphin Tour:
Earlie in the morning, after breakfast, we will drive with the Car to another town (Kizimkazi), when we reach there our boat is waiting for us. After around 20 minutes with the boat, we will reach the spot where the Dolphins are. You can jump out from the boat with your full snorkeling gear. Enjoy swimming together with the Dolphins and if you are lucky, they will come so close to you, that you can touch them.
After we will drive together back home.

Stone Town Tour:
After breakfast we will drive to StoneTown by car, right in the heart of Zanzibar!
Zanzibar is a beautiful old town, there is much to explore and more to see. After the city tour we will all be hungry, we will have a delicious local lunch.
After lunch we will go to the Spice Tour, when its finish, it is time to drive back to the hotel.

Let your impressions sink, enjoy a tasty drink before you have dinner.


For pictures and further information, just check our homepage.

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