Zanzibar Island is located on the east coast of Africa in Tanzania. To have a holidays in our beautiful white sand and warm island is always the best idea It is about 90km long and 50km wide, and you can’t get tired of how beautiful it is. Apart from kitesurfing, there is a lot of beautiful things to see as well as to do. Few top activities/tours which you can do are Relax on the beach and swim in crystal clear water, Visit Stone town with spice tour, Swim with the Dolphins, Jozani forest, Safari blue, Mangrove sunset SUP trip, Kite trip to the Rock Restaurant, and lot more according to your interests.


Kitesurfing is fun and it’s for all ages. Currently record in our school, the youngest kitesurfer who took lessons with us was about 9yrs old while the oldest was about 75yrs old.

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Our spot is not so busy with traffic, In the lagoon you can enjoy freestyle and there are perfect conditions for teaching, the reef is an ideal best place for waves and kitesurfing. The lagoon is swamped by tides (high and low), It can happen that the water recedes a few hundred meters. It also depends on the phase of the moon.


Our staff is all experienced and certified, this means you will receive certification at the end course according to your level, it also means we have quality of the highest and safety standards. We take this global expertise and go a step further. We are the best of the best.

All complete lessons packages include an IKO certification / VDWS card valid worldwide




Our happiness is we put quality, safety and success of our students on the forefront! We have a great experienced instructors’ team with international qualifications.

Duration for full course
3 wind days with 4 lesson hours per day, so 12 lesson hours in total (be careful that, few schools often only do 8 or 10h at the expense of important topics such as ‘safety’ or ‘self-rescue’).

All equipment and materials are included in kitesurfing beginners’ course, you can use your equipment at the 3rd class if you would like to get used with your own equipment.

Group size
Private instructions (1:1) or small 2 students’ group (1:2). Please note: Larger student group sizes, as some other schools do it, do not lead to any good results.

Please see prices below, at the end of this web page.


We teach on low tide, where you can stand in waist or knee-deep water, which is advantage at this stage of your learning.

The goal of the course beginner lessons.
Know the basic theory. Able to launch and land the kite. Perform a self-rescue. Body drag, downwind and upwind. Able to water-start and ride for a few meters, into both directions.





After your course beginner lessons, you will need the downwind method to progress further. If you stay in shallow waters all the time, you would ride away from your instructor mostly, downwind, and you would spend most of your valuable lessons time walking back upwind, exhausting yourself. This would make your progress very slow and not fun. Downwind method generates you progress much faster, and you will use your lessons time much wiser. For the downwind method you will need to go on the ocean on small waves. This course prepares you to develop your skills on becoming a confident kitesurfer.


The goal of Downwind lessons.

Know how to deal with small waves. How to deal with the shore break. Getting ready for the ocean and the downwind method.

All equipment and materials are included in your kitesurfing beginners’ course, or you can elect that we teach you on your own equipment so to get used to it.

Group size
Private instruction (1:1) or small two-students group (1:2).

Learning Support
Radio helmet for safety, instant feedback and fast learning. You learn three times faster.

Please see prices below, at the end of this web page.


There are basically two windy seasons on the island:

½ December to ½ March ½ June to ½ October
Wind knots 11 – 20Knots 11 – 17Knots
Wind direction Kaskazi / northeast (Side Onshore)  Kusi / southeast (Side Onshore)
Water temperature 24 ° C 30 ° C
Kite sizes 9M – 12M 10M – 14M

*It always depends on your weight and your abilities.

At the entrance to the island is required payment of 50$ tourist visa (valid for three months)




Karibu at New Jambo Bungalow

New Jambo Bungalows is a beautiful place, situated only 25 meters to the Paje beach. We have big Bungalows from 1-4 persons with your own Bathroom and toilet inside, as well as we have Dorms. The property includes a Bar and Restaurant with delicious food and drinks. If you prefer to eat and drink with a beautiful Oceanview, just go up to Amsterdam and enjoy :). You can play Volleyball every time, but in the evening, when the sun goes down we have matches (if the guests are in the mood). If you just want to relax, you can swim at our new huge swimming pool in the swimming ring or on the air mattresses, rent boccia, beachball, etc. or we can arrange a variety of activities like snorkelling, kite surfing, swimming with dolphins etc. You can also rent a car or scooter and explore the island on your own. Stone Town City in the heart of Zanzibar is definitely worth a visit. Every second Saturday we have a nice Party at New Jambo Bungalows with our guests from inside, outside and also local people. Just enjoy our good DJs, Live-music, dance, swim, drink, eat and ENJOY!

You are all warmly welcome at our amazing new place.

Karibu Sana.


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Low season prices, from 15th of March to 31st of June.

Double room             38$ per night.
Triple room                55$ per night.
Comfort room ( 4 px ) 65$ per night.
Dorm bed ( 8 beds inside) 20$ per night.

High season prices, from 1st of July to 14th of March.

Double room              55$ per night.
Triple room                 75$ per night.
Comfort room ( 4 px ) 90$ per night.
Dorm bed ( 8 beds inside) 23$ per night.

*Our delicious breakfast with seasonal fruits, eggs/pancakes, bread and coffee/tea is included in all the prices!*

All our bandas are made of palm leaves and they are equipped with fans, shelves and mosquito nets.

 The toilet and hot shower are also inside.

for more information and accommodations bookings only, visit here