A Week at the Beach

15 February 2018 / By Zuzanna Madeja

Kite surfing trip from Paje beach to Kiwengwa beach Zanzibar

We normally make many trips just not to get bored with only one place. This trip was amazing. it was a trip decision of 5 people , we all were staying in paje but the wind wasn’t good, so we decided to make a trip to a bit North East, and the village is called Kiwengwa. together we rented a van which had enough space for us and our Kite Full Gears, we started our journey by picking up everyone and head to the supermarket to pick up some basic things (Food and Drinks) then we drove and we arrived there in like an Hr. we arrived to the sport but the wind was also not strong at the time.  it was around 3pm, so anyway we unpacked our gears and prepare them and we had lunch, then we decided to take a walk at the beach and explore to see more. we arrived at some schools and we had some drinks and chat. in 1Hr the wind picked up and we were so happy. wend back to where our kite was and we launched and we had so much fun until late , we had some photo session and it was so cool.. There is more trips to come.


Cc @Squatter Taylor , @Mati Em Gi @Timo Smets @Karin Maandi @Daniel Hosi

Thanks for bringing some of the best memories to Monday 🙂 that epic kite day until full moon… cheers from snowy Estonia! 😑



Zanzibar wind conditions for kite-surfing are normally perfect during the seasons. Which is from June 10th until October 10th and December 10th until March 10th. The corel reef protects the inside waters, so the lagoon inside the reef is flat, with shallow knee-deep water, perfect for beginners and experts.

Thanks for the Video! Thanks for the great memories!
#windfinder 😂


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